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Callebaut Dark Belgian Couverture Chocolate 1 Kg

Callebaut 53.8% dark chocolate chips Belgian high quality, 53.8% dark chocolate chips (callets) by Barry Callebaut. Callebaut have created this chocolate couvertu

Gem Of The West Bakers Flour 12.5Kg

West Bakers Flour: Versatile and superior protein strength flour milled from a carefully selected blend of Australian hard wheats. Suitable for all types of bread and yeast baked go

Ghirardelli Triple Choc Brownie Mix 3.41Kg (6 Batches)

Ghirardelli Chocolate Triple Chocolate Semi-Sweet Milk, Bittersweet Brownie Mixes 6 Batch Brownie Mix Each box has 3 delicious kinds of brownie mix Makes 6 batche

Gourmet Vanilla Beans Papa New Guinea 12.5G

Papua New Guinea Vanilla Tahitensis is revered by chefs around the world as an up-and-coming varietal that is plump, oily, and pungent! These gourmet vanilla bean

Green’s Pancake Mix Original Shake 3X375G

Green's Original Pancake Shake is a rich aroma pancake shake, great for the whole family. The taste is sweet and delicious. Decorate with fruit or Greens Maple Sy

Hershey’s Cocoa 650G

Enjoy the delicious flavor of chocolate with Hershey's Natural Unsweetened Cocoa in your drinks or baked goods. You can use this cocoa to make hot chocolate, choc

Kirkland Signature Almond Flour Blanched 1.36Kg

Superfine grind almond flour Blanched Source of fibre Gluten-free 1.36 kg

Kirkland Signature Semisweet Chocolate Chips 2.04 Kg

51% Cacao. Real Vanilla. Kosher Dairy. Reusable Bag.