Ali Baba Garlic Dip 1Kg

Fresh garlic crushed with a unique blend of special spices and herbs with a touch of mint to give it that kick you require.

Fresh Fodder Taramosalata 500G

A traditional red caviar recipe. This product is our market leader. Throw away the lid - you wont need it. There will be no left overs as this product tastes too

Fresh Fodder Tzatziki 500G

Tzatziki is made using thick creamy yoghurt and the freshest herbs. Serve with crusty bread or thin crackers to get the best taste. Tzatziki tastes fantastic se

Obela Entertainer’s Pack 3X220G

Obela Entertainer's Dip Pack 3 x 220G Caramelised Onion Hommus Sweet Beetroot Hommus Moroccan Sweet Potato & Roasted Pistachios Gluten Free No

Obela Guacamole Classic 3X220G

Obela Guacamole is the real deal with 88% avocado (and no cream cheese) and gently mixed with tomatoes, onion, garlic and herbs. Forget smashing and crushing and

Obela Roasted Pine Nut Hommus 900G

Savoury and aromatic. The perfectly roasted pine nuts add a fragrant crunch to the Obela smooth and creamy hommus.

Yumi’s Dips Hommus 1Kg

Hommus is the signature member of Yumi’s classic dips range – Everybody loves it! With it’s smooth taste, delicious flavour, great colour and perfect texture – ev